All walks are at your own risk. We advise bringing a first-aid kit for minor injuries.
● Please don't walk ahead of the leader or lose touch behind. If unable to keep up, please alert another walker.
● Newcomers are welcome to walk with us as temporary members a couple of times before joining.
● Dogs are the responsibility of their owners and should be kept under close control.

● Walks must have been walked out and hazards noted prior to the actual event.
● Any member with appropriate skills and knowledge can offer walks, which can be advertised with only a week's notice prior to the event.
● The leader should pause at appropriate points to allow the group to consolidate and ensure nobody is missing.
● Get the names and phone numbers of newcomers to forward them to the Committee. Inform them of our rules. Keep an eye on them and tell them what to do, including lunch arrangements.
● If you cannot lead your walk as advertised please contact the Committee.
● We would particularly like 12-15 mile walks on days when there is also a walk of 18+ miles.

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