WALKS PROGRAMME - No printed programmes during the Covid crisis, so please see our rules here
• Please be ready at the walk starting-point at the time shown.
• On rare occasions walks may be changed or cancelled without notice.
• Walks are on Sundays unless otherwise stated and are at your own risk !
During the Covid crisis all walks must be pre-booked, either by the members spreadsheet or via a link below.
 Website enquiries: Dave W tel.(01372)742921 or email midsurreyramblers-query@yahoo.co.uk
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05/09/21 13 Dave W TQ179588 9.30am E146-E161 L187  Park in Woodfield or Woodfield Close, Ashtead. Epsom Common, Prince's Coverts, Arbrook Common, Esher Common, West End Common, West End (pub, no food), Esher, Claygate Common, Winey Hill, Chessington Wood. 15  
20 Victoria C TQ166511 9.30am E145/6 AA23 L187  Denbies car park. North Downs Way, Newlands Corner (cafe), Greensand Way. 10  
12/09/21 14 John M TQ452531 9.30am E147 L188  Hosey Hill CP. Ide Hill, Crockham, Limpsfield Chart. 15  
19/09/21 15 Peter G SU924230 9.30am OL33 L197  Lodsworth village hall car park. Sussex Diamond Way, Tillington, Serpent Trail, Lodsworth. 15  
26/09/21 12.5 Holly M TQ166511 9am E146 L198  Denbies car park. North Downs Way, Westhumble, Box Hill, Headley Heath, Stane Street. 2pm MSR 70th Anniversary lunch. 15  
~10 Wendy B TQ166511 9.30am E146 L198  Denbies car park, meeting near Village Greens Farm Shop. Route including Polesden Lacey. NT cards useful, but not essential. A number of Hills. 2pm MSR 70th Anniversary lunch. 15  
03/10/21 15 Rob T TQ059515 9.30am E145 L186  Roadside parking in Old Epsom Road, East Clandon. Clandon Wood, Old Scotland Farm, Shere, Pilgrim's Way, St Martha's Hill, Pewley Down, Merrow Downs. 15  
10/10/21 14.5 Irene G TQ073480 9.30am E145 L186  Shere car park. Broomy Downs, Park Farm, Abinger Common (pub), Albury Heath 12  
16 Victoria C TQ166511 9.30am E145/6 AA23 L187  Denbies car park. North Downs Way, Pilgrims Way, Flatchford, Greensand Way, Brockham, Glory Wood. 10  
17/10/21 18 David H SU925127 9.30am E145 L186  Droke Forest Car Park East Dean. Oxen Down, South Downs Way, Duncton Down, Glatting Beacon, Bignor Hill, Bury Hill, Great Down, Selhurst Park 15  
24/10/21 ~14 Wendy B TQ146399 9.30am E146 L187  Park at Ockley Cricket ground. Birkett's Farm, Cobbett's Farm, Walliswood, Gatton Manor. Pub unlikely. 12  
~18 Paul S TQ306309 9.30am E135 L187  Lay-by near Balcombe church - please leave space for churchgoers. West Hoathly, Sussex Border Path, Bluebell Railway, Ouse Valley viaduct 10  
~10 Roger Sk TQ225584 9.30am E146 L187  Epsom Downs Tea Hut. Morning only. Aim to finish ~1 pm. and leave for late lunch. Pace similar to MSR full day walks.
30 Acre Barn, Mickleham Down, Headley Church, Sheep Walk. Options possible.
31/10/21 16 Irene G TQ349501 9.30am E146 L187  Tilburstow Hill car park. Tandridge, Godstone, Outwood (pub), Lodge Farm, South Park Farm 15  
07/11/21 16 Holly M TQ396529 9.30am E146 L187  Ellice Road Car Park, Oxted. North Downs Way, Limpsfield Chart, Westerham (pub/cafe), Chartwell, Crockham Hill 14  
14/11/21 16 Norma N SU740200 9.30am OL8 L197  Buriton Village car park in front of church GU31 5RT. Butser Hill, Chalton, Staunton Way. 15  
~10 Roger Sk TQ224584 9.30am E146 L187  Epsom Downs Tea Hut. Morning only. Aim to finish ~1 pm. and leave for late lunch. Good pace like full day walks.
Walton on the Hill, Tye Lane, Headley Heath car park, Ebbisham Lane.
21/11/21 16 Victoria C TQ166511 9.30am E146 L187  Denbies car park, Dorking. Brockham, Reigate Heath, Box Hill, White Down, Westhumble. 10  
~14 Wendy B TQ166511 9.30am E146 L187  Denbies car park (South end). Ranmore Common, Wotton, Logmore Green, The Nower, North Holmwood Church, Glory Wood. 12  
28/11/21 14.5 John M TQ099432 9.30am E145/6 AA23 L187  Hurtwood car park No.1. Pitch Hill, Ewhurst, Forest Green, Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill.
If anyone has concerns over the size of group we will split into two groups.
05/12/21 15 Irene G TQ247566 9.30am E146 L187  Park in Waterhouse Lane near Kingswood Arms. Marling Glen Wood, Chipstead (pub), Banstead Woods. 15  
12/12/21 14 Ginny T TQ088478 9.30am E146 L187  Park at Gomshall Station. Abinger, Peaslake, Albury, Shere 14  
~10 Roger Sk TQ142504 9.30am E146 L187  Denbies Hillside car park (NT card or £4). Morning only - finish ~1 pm.
Westcott, Wotton, Park Farm, White Downs, North Downs Way.
19/12/21 14 Jane E TQ041492 9.30am E146 L187  Newlands Corner car park. Chilworth, Wonersh, Farley Green, Albury 12  
26/12/21 ~12 Wendy B TQ163551 10am E146 L187  Young St Lower car park. Thorncroft, Mickleham Gallops, Druid's Grove, Chapel Hill, Fetcham Downs. Aim to finish no later than 3.00 PM 12  
02/01/22 14 John & Diana TQ076479 9.30am E145 L186  Start changed to Shere Surgery Car Park. Millennium Trail plus a bit. Can be split into 2 groups. Walking poles helpful. 20+  
16/01/22 16 Rob T TQ001394 9.30am OL34 L186  Park Hascombe opposite White Lion. Hascombe, Dunsfold, Chiddingfold, Wormley, Hambledon. 15  
23/01/22 17 Nigel H SU863345 9.15am OL33 L186  Park at Waggoners Wells car park, Grayshott. Headley, Comford, Ripsley House, Sussex Border Path. 15  
Wednesday 26/01/22 ~9 Roger Sk TQ205538 9.30am E146 L187  Headley Heath car park opp. cricket pitch. (NT card or £4). Morning Only. Walton Oaks, Colley Hill, North Downs Way, Betchworth Quarry, Boxhill Road, High Ashurst 10 Book
30/01/22 15.5 Irene G TQ205538 9.30am E146 L187  Headley Heath car park opp. cricket pitch. (NT card or £6). Reigate Heath, Walton-on-the-Hill, Epsom Downs. 15 Book
06/02/22 14 Christine H TQ084445 9.15am E146 L187  Park at Peaslake Hurtwood Car Park 2. Friday Street, Coldharbour (Pub), Leith hill, Holmbury Hill, Pitch Hill. 15 Book
13/02/22 16 John B TQ009451 9.30am E146 L187  Bramley Old Station. Winkworth Arboretum (NT), Hydon's Ball, Hambledon, Hascombe, Wintershall 20 Book
20/02/22 15.5 Rob T SU899398 9.30am OL33 L186  Park at Thursley, Dyehouse Road car park by sports Ground. Hindhead Common, Brook. 15 Book
27/02/22 17 Neil B SU914223 9.30am OL33 L197  Park at Benbow Pond, Cowdray park. Easebourne, Steadham, Woolbeding, Henley 15 Book