WINTER WALKS PROGRAMME 2018-2019 Finance us via
Ramblers Holidays!
Members and visitors receive a printed version with special events and a subscription form

Visitors are very welcome to walk with us a couple of times before joining.
'Short' walks (not 'Long') share cars from Epsom West Hill parking lay-by, leaving at 9:30am.
Otherwise please be ready at the walk starting point at the time shown.
On rare occasions walks may be changed or cancelled without notice. All walks are at your own risk!

LONG WALKS 12 to 16 miles, and longer: (01483) 566 835 David S
SHORT WALKS under 12 miles: (01372) 742 921 Dave W
Date Miles Leader GridRef SatNavs Start Time Maps key Starting Point & Route
14 Pam B TQ129077 9.30am L197-198 E121 OL10  Car park off Storrington Rise, south of Findon [Changed 04/12/18]. Chanctonbury Ring, Lychpole Farm, Findon (pub), Muntham Farm.
15.5 Roger Sk TQ174443 9.30am L187 E146  Park in north dead-end of Old Horsham Road, Holmwood. Westcott, Friday Street (pub), Holmbury St.Mary, Leith Hill.
6 Dave H TQ125458 10.15am L187 E146  Friday Street car park. Wotton, Waterfall, Broadmoor. Mince pies provided !
14 Pam B TQ087119 9.15am L187 E146  Chantry Post car park, south of Storrington. Wepham Down, Hammerpot (pub), Myrtle Grove Farm. [Walk changed 04/12/18]
15 John & Diana TQ107441 9.30am L187 E145-146 AA23  Holmbury St.Mary Village Hall car park. Ewhurst, Forest Green (pub), Leith Hill.
New Yr
15 Victoria C TQ127502 9.30am L187 E145-146 AA23  Ranmore West car park (NT but free). Ranmore, Abinger Roughs, Polesden Lacey (café), Westhumble, Denbies.
14 Wendy B TQ124504 9.30am L187 E145-146 AA23  Stony Rock car park. Sheepleas, Netley Park, Shere (pub/café), New Barn Farm, Great Copse
6 Thelma C TQ146399 10.15am L187 E146  Park in School Lane, Ockley. Home Farm, (below) Leith Hill Place, Bull Copse, Waterland Farm, Forest Green. NO PUB
16 Peter G SU904129 9.30am L197 E121 OL10  Park in East Dean Village, near Star & Garter Pub.
Crown Tegleaze, SDW, Monarch's Way, SDW, Toby's Stone, Bignor, Monarch's Way. [Walk changed 04/12/18]
15 Jane E SU999493 9.30am L186 E145  'The Crumpet Walk'
Park in South Hilll, Guildford. River Wey, Godalming, Eashing, Compton, North Downs Way.
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16 John B TQ010451 9.30am L186 E145  Old Bramley Station car park. Winkworth Arboretum, Hambledon (pub), Hascombe Hill.
15.5 Roger Sk TQ156550 9.30am L187 E146  Bocketts Farm car park (far end). Polesden Lacey, Westcott (pub), Ranmore Church, Norbury Park.
15.5 Fiona P TQ006597 9.15am L186 E145-160  Park at 51 Orchard Drive, Woking. Horsell Common, Chobham, Donkey Town (Pub), Bisley Common, Sheet's Heath, Basingstoke Canal.
5.5 Thelma C TQ060484 10.15am L186 E145  Park at Silent Pool. Shere, Netley Park, North Downs Way, Newlands Corner. NO PUB
14 Wendy B TQ166511 9.30am L187 E146 AA23  Denbies car park (south end). Glory Wood, The Nower, Wotton (pub), North Downs Way.
14.5 David & Christine TQ060485 9.00am L187 E145-146 AA23  Silent Pool car park. Shere, Chilworth, St Martha's, Shalford (pub), Pewley Down, Newlands Corner.

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